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A step-by-step Japanese study of how I learn Japanese Kanji, including drawing kanji & hiragana, Japanese kanji stroke order, Japanese kanji writing, Kanji mnemonics & pronunciation.



    "Hey! I hope you're doing alright. If you clicked on this video you're interested in kanji.
    I was just about to start studying some Japanese kanji, specifically some useful verbs and adverbs, so, feel free to join me if that's something you're interested in!
    I will be breaking down each of these words by kanji. So each kanji, I will give you the sound of them and the stroke order by using some practice sheets. If you don't have any or if you're wondering where you can find your own kanji stroke order I will be leaving some useful links under this video and hopefully, this video will serve you as mnemonic slash vocabulary building content for your Japanese learning.
    If you've got any questions just let me know in the comments. By the way, my name is Armonie and you should subscribe to this channel if you want to get more videos like this one! Like, subscribe to support this channel and to let me know that you are enjoying this content. If you want more videos like this one make sure to leave a comment so that I know and if you don't, I won't."
    0:00 Intro & Explanations
    1:16 "To go" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    1:34 "To go" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    1:57 "Going" Kanji Stroke Order
    2:32 "To Return" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    2:47 "To Return" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    3:27 "Return" Kanji Stroke Order
    4:17 "To Listen" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    4:32 "To Listen" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    5:02 "Listen" Kanji Stroke Order
    7:14 "To Drink" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    7:23 "To Drink" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    7:56 "Drink" Kanji Stroke Order
    9:21 "To Speak" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    9:33 "To Speak" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    10:15 "Tale" Kanji Stroke Order
    12:02 "To Read" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    12:08 "To Read" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    12:35 "Read" Kanji Stroke Order
    14:03 "To Get Up" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    14:10 "To Get Up" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    14:49 "Wake Up" Kanji Stroke Order
    16:11 "To Eat" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    16:17 "To Eat" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    16:50 "Food" Kanji Stroke Order
    17:55 "To Sleep" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    18:10 "To Sleep" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    18:43 "Sleep" Kanji Stroke Order
    20:25 "To See" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    20:43 "To See" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    21:08 "See" Kanji Stroke Order
    21:53 "To Come" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    22:01 "To Come" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    22:22 "Come" Kanji Stroke Order
    23:07 "To Study" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    23:16 "To Study" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    24:30 "Strive" Kanji Stroke Order
    25:31 "Strong" Kanji Stroke Order
    26:55 "Not At All" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    27:07 "Not At All" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    28:20 "Entire" Kanji Stroke Order
    28:49 "If So" Kanji Stroke Order
    29:52 "Sometimes" Pronunciation/Mnemonic
    30:02 "Sometimes" Hiragana/Kanji Meaning
    30:45 "Time" Kanji Stroke Order
    31:36 Useful Things
    "We did it!
    If you're not already subscribed then make sure to do it now, like, and leave a comment if you have a question so that I know you're interested in this type of content.
    I added some useful links in the description under the video so you'll find an online dictionary called Jisho it literally means "dictionary" in Japanese. On this website, they give you all the stroke order for each kanji so that's great and also the meaning behind each kanji so if you're interested in that check out this link and bye!"
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