As Anyixin's message is to promote individuality and creativity of any positive kind, what better way to do so than a creative Makeup Competition!


This Halloween, Anyixin is collaborating with an amazing free-spirited rainbow woman known under the name of Smella Catshine or @xxanemia. Smella is a multi-talented Australian makeup artist, painter, hairdresser, and model. Her anime-like looks are the center of many vibrant photographies over the web and are definitely worth a look!  


Smella Catshine Anyixin Rainbow Dress


Together we prepared a very Special Halloween Contest and some awesome gifts for you guys !! So get to your pigments and brushes and join us on Instagram!


To participate, follow those SIMPLE RULES :

  1. Follow @anyixin_clothing and @xxanemia on Instagram

  2. Like the Main picture and Tag a friend (with a heart emoji to let us know you're a participant)

  3. Publish your own unique Halloween makeup on your Instagram account and Tag us or Use this contest special hashtag #smellanyixin so we can check it out !


Smella Catshine Rainbow Makeup Neon Green Hair




1st Place : One original Anyixin Eye See You Pop Art Dress

2nd Place : Your choice of Smella's T-shirt Design (each shirt has a Smella Catshine original Artwork printed on them !)

3rd Place : One Anyixin promo code of -50% on anyixinclothing.com!

The End of the Competition will be on the 31st of October and we will announce the winners soon after that ! Also make sure that your account isn't set as private so that we can contact you directly if you win!


Now I leave you with this quick Make Up Video that might inspire you for your crazy looks!



Smella Catshine: Facebook - Instagram
Music (Video): Mighty Orphans - Instagram - Facebook 

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