LINGERIE TRY ON Petite Clothing HAUL 2020 SAVAGExFENTY review FreedomRaveWear PETITE WOMEN Clothing

This is my 1st LINGERIE TRY ON haul / Petite Clothing HAUL 2020 featuring my SAVAGExFENTY review & FreedomRaveWear PETITE WOMEN Clothing! Petite size vs regular? Petite woman meaning? Small body proportions & bone structure on a normally formed and proportionate woman! Basically just a mini version of a regular body. In this video, I'm trying lingerie from Savage X Fenty by Rihanna and from an indie clothing brand called Freedom Rave Wear.









Hey there! If you don't know me, my name is Armonie and today I'm going to do something special: my first lingerie try on haul in 2020!


So I'm gonna be dressing up in sexy/comfortable lingerie, tell you how it feels and show you some close-up shots of each item. I'm going to be trying some Savage X Fenty lingerie by Rihanna and some rave wear lingerie by an indie clothing brand called Freedom Rave Wear.
I'm gonna start with my last Valentine's Day outfit which I purchased at Savage X Fenty. I'm including it in this video because it was my first Savage x Fenty crush and because they also still stock some of these items on the website. By the way, I'll be listing each product and discount code down below.
So these first few items are part of the down the aisle collection that they released last Valentine's Day and I got the "Down the Aisle" cup-less bra in goji berry red. There is nothing covering your nipples here apart from nipple covers that I'm going to show you next.
So this cup-less bra is really cute because you have this nice satin bow at the back over a normal enclosure that you can pull and undo. It's got really nice
details and the color is really sexy. This bra can be worn with these pasties. These ones are called the glitter heart pasties in goji berry red also. That's what they look like.
They're really cute glittery pasties and they're supposed to be used only once. They're really strong so you shouldn't have any trouble while wearing them but once you unstick them then it doesn't stick anymore so today I'm gonna do some D.I.Y. just so I can show you the full set.
The bra got this really nice detailed lace all around the rib cage and cups. This lace got little heart details and the rest of the bra is mesh. So, see-through mesh and so as bottom I got the "Down the Aisle" thong which looks like this.
So again it's made out of the same lace with the tiny little hearts which is really cute and it's got a big bow at the front, also satin, it's a really fun set and the color is really beautiful and sexy.
So I'm gonna be showing you that right now!
So now I'm going to unpack my brand new Savage x Fenty package from my last order and I'll be trying each item as I go.
So the next one is a bra. This one is called the unlined microfiber demi-cup bra in military green and I chose the size 85C. I'm gonna try and see if it does fit me.
I like that they packaged them this way so they stay flat. That's really good if you don't want them to have weird folds when they arrive. That's thoughtful of them.
I love the color. It's a nice olive green color really soft. There's no padding at all. The only thing I'm wondering is this. How comfortable this is going to be?
I like the details all around there. As you can see it's very strong elastic bands, very good quality. Everything is sewn perfectly really. I really like those details at the top...see.
So let's try that!
I ordered this bra with a matching bottom so this one is called the mid rise microfiber bikini in military green and I also got XS for this.
Okay so... the fabric is as soft as the bra. It's exactly the same fabric as the bra and the waist has this very thin band and the same details around the legs. A normal triangle shape and also lined with cotton.
So, so far all of these feel very high quality and I'm excited so let's try it.
Next is a top so this bra is called a shimmer floral lace racerback bralette and the color is pink rose quartz shimmer. I took this one in size S. They didn't have the normal bra sizes because it's a bralette so I chose size S but I don't really know how it's gonna fit me.
Finger crossed that it does fit me.
First glance, I'm surprised because I see a lot more shine than I was expecting. So it comes like this, nicely folded with the same packaging and yeah I didn't expect that but it's got this really cute gold shimmer inside the lace. It's so pretty.
On the website, here is the picture, you can't really tell that it's going to be shimmery like that so I'm going to show you a close-up.
I hope the size is right. It looks like it's a little bit adjustable here at the back. They call this a racerback bralette so you can adjust it with these straps and it's like a cross. It goes across your back like this so it's a bit of a sporty type of bralette/lingerie. 
The whole thing is in lace so it's definitely see-through which is also super sexy. I like the lace. I'm just wondering if it's actually gonna fit me.
It looks bigger than I thought so finger crossed. Apart from that I really like the lace it's really pretty. I hope you can see the golden details, it's like champagne gold.
This piece is called the cotton essential thong and the color is mint cream green. I got the size XS because this is a petite size lingerie haul by the way. oh... I'm ruining the packaging.
So it comes with these little plastic micro pack enhanced PE sheet. This was covering the bottom as a protection for the private part area so that's cool.
I love the color. It's a very fresh mint green with the Fenty logo highlighted in neon green. It's 95% cotton and 5% Elastane, elastane... yeah so you've got this stretchy lace all around and it's got this v-shape that I like which is very sexy.
Let's just try it on.
Okay so next we got the cotton essential high waist bikini in purple fairy dust color. I like this name. So let's try not to break the packaging this time. It comes nicely folded like that.
So this is a similar style, it's just a different shape so you got the same lace stretchy lace around the waist similar at the front so a triangle v shape and the back is wide so just a comfortable high waist bottom and the color is a cute lavender color with the logo highlighted in a darker lavender color. It looks very high quality as you can see, and comfortable so let's try this on.
Next, we've got this. On the website it's called high leg leopard lace bikini in green aqua, on the package, it's called undie high leg bikini in lapis so we'll see.
Well this one didn't come with this PE protection. So this is the shape. This one is all mesh except the inside which is cotton. That's great. So far they all look really good quality.
You can feel that it's a strong bottom. The back is all see-through mesh so that's really sexy and the color is green aqua or lapis and the front has this leopard lace pattern. The shape is similar to the previous one so it's supposed to be high leg as well. I can't wait to try this one.
Next, I think is the same one in black it's called the high leg leopard lace bikini in black caviar. I love the name, black caviar.
Wow, I love this.
I love this one in black, can't wait to try it! It feels as strong as the other one just in a different color.
So next is this colorful bottom. This one is called the butterfly bikini and the color is neon butterfly print. I remember seeing this on their website a few months back. Maybe last year, I don't remember. And they had the whole collection for this butterfly theme and it was so pretty. I wish I had been able to grab some of their pieces back then because they were so pretty. I will show some here. Some of my favorite are these.
So wow. It looks even better than on the website. The whole thing is like a psychedelic see-through neon butterfly. I don't know if you can see how see-through it is. Can you see that? There... yeah so this is all see-through and the front has this gorgeous embroidery so it's like embroidered flowers at the front. So pretty.
Really excited to try that one!
And the inside also has a cotton cover. You always want a cotton cover. I'm very surprised about this one I didn't expect it to be see-through but um I'm super excited about it so let's try it!
So the next piece is another bottom. This one is called cotton essential high waist bikini again and the color is a black caviar pineapple fantasy print. What is that?
So this one is cotton. So cotton and lace again. The pattern is another colorful psychedelic print. Pineapple themed with the cute Savage x Fenty logo printed all over it. I love the print it's really cute. It looks again very comfortable because it's all cotton except the lace details here and I like this details on the sides. It looks quite different.
So I just went through my entire package but one of the items I ordered is missing. I'm guessing they ran out of stock or something. It was supposed to be this item. I don't know what happened there... I'm gonna have to check my receipt.
So this one was called the microfiber thong millennium and the color was pink tiger print. We'll have to see. So I'm going to try on my new Freedom Rave Wear items.
They are designed to wear outside and in party settings so I'm super excited about that and I'm very excited about the colorful colors that they all come in.
First and favorite, look at this.
Look at it.
Look at it.
You see what I see?
So this is a rave top/sports bra/bralette, whatever you want to call it. It's a holographic piece and it feels so good in my hands like it feels really good quality, really strong, thick but stretchy. You know the kind of thing that is secure but comfortable.
Yeah, I'm just excited about that. So the name of this piece is technological classic top. I got this one in size small so I hope it's gonna fit me.
The next thing I got at Freedom Rave Wear is a bottom. The back is very interesting it's got this interesting v-shape there. Kind of highlighting your bottom décolleté, if that's a thing. It's also iridescent. I don't know if you can tell. And it's made of this very strong fabric again. The name is Persephone Brazilian bikini bottoms in nude color so it's a nude/holographic color. This is a size S as well. The only thing I'm wondering is that it doesn't seem to be lined so they put this protective cover right here, but, as you can see, it's not lined. So I don't know what to think about that. I don't generally love this type of bottom that don't have a cotton lining because it's not comfortable and you I might have to put a panty liner when I'm wearing that but apart from this it's really cute, the fabric feels very strong and the color is really pretty.
So I'm gonna try it on and tell you how it feels like.
My last piece for the Freedom Rave Wear mini haul is not lingerie per se. It's iridescent, snake, everything I love in... things. It's colorful, it's iridescent, it's got snake scales and it's called the dragon's breath bandana. So I love this because of the pattern obviously. I'm a big fan of anything snake, snake scales, any reptile basically but specifically snakes. So that's really cool. I thought it would be a good idea to get one of those. You can wear them as a head scarf or as a neck piece and at the moment you can wear it as a mask alternative for when you go out. The fabric feels really strong.
So far, all of these Freedom Rave Wear products seem very strong so I'm happily surprised. It's my first haul with them and I am an affiliate by the way so you can enjoy this code ARMONIE to get a 10% off on any of their products. They are an indie brand from the US so it's always nice to support another indie brand like mine!
Don't forget if you want to support my own designs you can use this YOUTUBELOVE code to get a 15% off on any of my products and this is my website by the way.
So now that I tried all of these, here is my final thought:
I'm a little bit disappointed about this Freedom Rave Wear top. I chose what I thought was my exact size based on their measurement on the website and it ended up being a bit too small for me. I guess I should take one size higher than that. Pay attention to that if you're interested in ordering from their website
Anyway, apart from that it's a really good quality top. I'm still gonna wear it it's just
gonna be a bit more boobalicious. But the fabric is really strong and I love this holographic pattern so I'm definitely going to use it again.
Now the bottom that I got from Freedom Rave Wear is exactly what I thought it would be. The fit is beautiful, I love the shape, but as I said earlier there is no lining inside so I'm definitely going to be using some panty liners when I wear this.
Apart from that, it's really pretty and it fits perfectly. So their bottom sizes do fit as they say just pay attention to their tops I guess.
For the Savage x Fenty products my favorite piece was definitely the nude lace bralette. I was happily surprised with the golden details of this lace and the fit is really pretty. Actually, I'm considering wearing this as a crop top with some nipple covers or something like that because it's really pretty and then it's very comfortable. It could be both a bralette and a summer crop top so yeah this is definitely my favorite piece today for the Savage x Fenty haul.
Now for their other products, I absolutely loved every single one of them. The fit is perfect for all of these. They all have their own shapes and textures and fabrics and they're just very well designed and very good quality so I can only give you good feedback for them. So I don't really have anything negative to say about all of this apart from the fact that one of the thongs has disappeared but apart from that everything fits very well.
So which piece was your favorite one? Let me know in the comments! I would love to know.
Once again I left all my links and the code for Freedom Rave Wear in the description down below and here and if you're interested in supporting me on Patreon I usually share photo sets and so I will be sharing some photos of these looks over there so make sure to check it out if you like to support and thanks for watching!
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