Learn how to install a LAVENDER Lace Front WIG! + a simple BABY HAIR step-by-step on a synthetic wig from TrendyWigs.


Hi there! Today I'm going to try on and show you how I install my new lavender
lace front wig that I received from Trendy Wigs. Make sure to watch the
entire video because I'm going to share with you my 30% off discount code but
first, let me show you how I install this baby!
So it comes in this Trendy Wigs box. They provide you with two wig
caps: a beige one and a black one (that I've already opened), a little care
instruction guide & some bobby pins.
So first I'm going to cut the excess lace at the front of the wig. You can just
cut the excess lace like that, all around the hairline and be careful not
to cut too close to the hairline otherwise, you're gonna get some like
So now I'm ready to wear a wig cap. If you have curly hair like me I
recommend you to braid your hair down before you put the wig on. Otherwise, it's
not going to look as flat as possible. Something like this. Alright. And make
sure that your hair is as flat as possible just like that.
Now I'm going to place this beautiful lavender wig on and then I'm going to show you how and what type of gel I use.
So all you need is a little brush like a toothbrush and then you're just going to apply a tiny bit on your hairline and you're going to need something like a scarf and wrap this scarf around your scalp and leave it on for like half an hour or more if you feel like it. Just to dry and give it a lot of pressure so that it really sticks to your skin and the wig cap.
Now it's pretty tight and I'm just going to wait like half an hour or something and come back to show you.
Okay, so I think it's been long enough for me to take this scarf off. As you can see the glue is definitely holding. It's really strong.
So now I want to cut some baby hair all around my forehead.
Separate the amount of hair that you'd like to have here and just attach the rest of the hair.
Once you're done you're gonna come back with this gel and this toothbrush. So that's the way I style it I added little braids here. 
I'm super happy with this wig. I really like the way it looks like in the end. I was worried about the curls getting messy very quickly but it's very easy to detangle as you can see even though it's quite curly at the back.
So if you're interested in the 30% discount code then I'm going to show it right here for you.
I hope you like this, let me know if it was useful for you and if you'd like to see another one like this. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and turn on the bell for any of my next videos. My other videos will be popping up here as usual and thank you
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