Are you a fan of Psychedelic hair, Dyed Curly Hair, or Rainbow Curly Hair? In this HOLOGRAPHIC HAIR TUTORIAL, I’m showing you how I’m dying my hair at home into an Opal Hair color. If you love a good Rainbow hair transformation then this Iridescent Curly hair transformation will definitely satisfy your iridescent hair fantasies!😍🌈✨


Today we're going to find out how easy (hopefully), dyeing natural curly hair into holographic rainbow colors, by yourself, and at home is!
I'm going to be using different colors from La Riché Directions and Arctic Fox. Some colors are going to be mixed into different shades and others are going to be lightened so that I can achieve the shades that I was looking for.
But first things first if you don't know me, my name is Armonie. Welcome to this channel and don't be shy, let's virtually meet each other in the comments section down below!
So after saying goodbye to my rainbow hair about four years ago and after a few teenage years of curly hair massacre. I did a big chop and I started learning about how to take care of my hair a bit better. It took a few years to grow back to this length but I think my hair was ready so I went to the hair salon and got it bleached light enough with Olaplex number 1 and 2.
You can go watch this video if you don't know what Olaplex is. So I let it rest for a few weeks since and as you can see my roots started to grow back already (but who cares) and so basically my hair and I are ready for this holographic rainbow transformation.
So if you don't know what holographic hairstyles are they look like this or this and it's basically a repetition of rainbow patterns giving the illusion of having a psychedelic trip happening on your scalp.
So here are the tools that i'm gonna be using today.
I didn't set myself any definite rules for this holographic hairstyle but I do know that I want some lavender somewhere on my lightest hair and the rest will be freestyle rainbow.
I won't be able to talk much during this whole process so you're gonna get some musical time-lapse instead with possible voice-over explanations so enjoy!
Here I'm basically using a beanbag to protect the floor. I just cut it up open and stuck it on the floor with some tape. I'm also bringing my softbox because the sun is unpredictable, some tissues and my tattoo gloves to protect my hands. My self-tattooing video is going to pop up right here if you're interested in tattooing.
Here I'm mixing some cheap conditioner with my Arctic Fox Purple Rain so I can lighten it. I'm also adding some Midnight Blue from La Riché Direction and that's to make this lavender a bit more blue.
This is one of my empty coconut oil jars. I'm gonna put some Midnight Blue in it I've got lots of those empty jars because I'm a coconut oil addict and I like to save empty jars because they're always useful like for this for example.
Now I'm going to mix this Bright Daffodil with some Turquoise to create a lighter shade of green close to a lime green color.
Now I'm going to mix this Cerise color with the Daffodil color to create an orange shade like this one and here is another one of my coconut oil jar filled with water so that I can make my hair wet before I apply the color and this is a great way to spread out the color a bit better.
Here I'm just separating my hair. I thought I would start with the bottom layer.
As you can see I have petroleum jelly on my forehead or vaseline as some people call it. That's to prevent staining on my skin and I also put a lot on my ears all around my earrings and inside too. Also some on my neck and a little bit on my shoulders.
So here I started the rainbow. I'm trying different ways so I got this plate or plastic thing to help spread out the colors like hairdressers do.
My first rainbow! As you can see it looks pretty cool. I'm trying different ways as I was saying I'm using some of my brushes and here and there I tried using that plate I don't know how you guys call it but it didn't really work out because that's a tool you use when you're doing the hair of someone else I think.
So this is my first two rainbows I try to use as much lavender as I can on the lightest bits. I ended up using my fingers a lot during the whole process because I just find it easier to spread out the colors the way I want and because there is so many different shades here it's just easier.
Right here i'm wrapping my hair into aluminium foil to prevent the hair from going all over the place and the colors to mix so as I said earlier um this whole thing is a bit of a freestyle coloring so each color is a bit random i'm just trying to follow the rainbow pattern as much as possible but sometimes I do deviate because I wanted some lavender and other type of colors here and there so I cut out a lot of the tissue-use because as you can see I'm using my hands a lot so to prevent the colors from mixing when i'm transitioning from one color to another I do use a lot of tissues and try to rub as much of the color from my fingers. I did use a lot of different pairs of gloves but you don't see it here. I don't change glove every time i change color I just rub it off with some tissue.
Here I really like this part because it's more of a strawberry/watermelon color with some lavender at the end. I like this.
As you can see i have some stains here and there, like, random red came through, but it's okay because it's supposed to be psychedelic as i said before so...
The entire process took the whole afternoon so more than four hours and um well I had to speed it up a lot so that it's not too boring for you and as you can see here, my fiancé was helping with the camera, so without him, I wouldn't have been able to film this video really, because my camera is not made for filming very long videos so it tends to overheat and shut down.
Here i'm super happy because I'm finally done so this is the final result on wet hair that's right after I rinsed out the colors I'm super super happy about the result because the colors stayed as they were before I rinsed them out and that was a big worry for me especially for the yellow and lime green and lavender because I didn't know if my hair was bleached enough but as you can see it turned out really really nice.
I couldn't help smiling so yeah if you enjoyed this part keep on watching because right after I will be showing you the results on dry hair. By the way, this is the perfect time to leave a comment under this video and thumb up this video, and of course if you're not already subscribed then do it now please. Especially if you enjoyed this content and you'd like to see more of my videos! Don't hesitate to tell me what you think and anything that comes through your mind if you have any question of course.
Here you go, that's the result on dry hair as you can see the colors are beautiful. I'm super super super happy with that. They're gorgeous!
So I'm sure you can tell on my face I'm super happy with the result. This looks amazing, it looks way better than i thought it would and it took way longer than i thought it would as well.
This is only after the first rinse and it looks gorgeous i was worried that we wouldn't be able to see any of the lavender but as you can see it shows up very nicely here. Like all the colors just stayed as they were when i applied them so that's amazing.
The whole process took me the entire afternoon i didn't time it exactly so i don't know how long but definitely more than like three four hours so be prepared mentally. Anyway, it was way more tiring than i expected but the last time i did my hair was years ago so i guess i forgot, you know, when traumatic events happen your brain tends to make you forget...
So anyway this is what my previous rainbow used to look like so this is like an upgrade i'm so happy to be back to being rainbow i feel like this is my true color. I should be colorful. I tried to look normal and it made me feel depressed so back to being Armo. Rainbow Armo 2.0
So yeah let me know what you think about that. Shout out to Rhythmical Thinker my fiancé because without him filming the video and making sure that my camera wasn't overheating every five minutes i would have had a breakdown. So make sure to go and listen to his music if you're into rap music and let me know in the comments if you ever tried to dye your hair like this at home and what color it turned out to be and all this stuff and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe and thumb up and leave comments and share the love share with your friends and yeah now i'm gonna go and do a quick photo shoot for the thumbnail of this video slash instagram if you want to follow me on Instagram it's gonna be right here or here somewhere... So that's where i share all of my photos and you can always support me on Patreon as well because I share my photo sets over there and yeah. See you!

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