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"Hey there! so today I'm super excited about this video because it's my very first collab with Dolls Kill and it's actually a dream come true for Dolls Kill to reach out to me for this video which is gonna be a V-day try-on haul. So some of these items are gonna be from their Valentine's Day collection and I will be listing all the links to these items under this blog post. As usual the 🔞behind the scenes/adult art footage🔞 will be available on my Patreon page and now let's unpack this alternative fashion haul... this huge... PR box, and try on some alternative clothing!
This is like a dream come true! So this box is actually massive, and it's packed. I'm just gonna unbox each item as they come out of this box then I will try them on.
So this first item is called Stars in their eyes skirt set in black so this is what the items are gonna look like on their website. Wow, so this set is mesh covered with gems and the gems are actually iridescent. That's something you can't really notice on the website.
They look so pretty. I'm excited about this one. So i've got this set in size small. So we're gonna see if it actually fits me and how it turns out. I'm super excited about this, it's very dreamy, looking at the stars valentine's day.
So this set is super sparkly! I love it. It's very see-through but it's also very classy and it really reminds you of the sky filled with stars. The iridescence of these gems just makes it even more special. Let me know what you think in the comments.
So the next item is by the brand Sugar Thrillz. It's called Midnight I'm Baby slip dress and I got it in black and size xx-small. Interesting... oh wow! So the dress is actually made of mesh. It's an embroidered flower mesh dress. That's so cute! It's a bodycon dress for sure, as you can see, it's super stretchy. I love the details. It's kind of like a bra inside. It's definitely padded. Okay, so it looks like a super cute, sexy dress.
I've got one comment about this dress it's a little tight for me around the top so if I've got one advice if you're going to purchase this you should probably choose a size that corresponds with your bra size because I can feel that it's supposed to be for a smaller cup as you can see my breasts are popping out. I'm still gonna wear it as like lingerie but I can't really wear it outside because of this. Apart from that it's a really pretty dress.
So this next piece is more over the top and by Sugar Thrillz as well, and it's a dress. This one is called Divine Lush Opulence Corset Dress and I got that one in the size xx-small. It's so pretty.
Okay I'm super excited about this dress! It's super good quality. The top fabric is slightly different from the bottom but they're both satin fabrics. This one is more thick and this one is more thin satin. I'm pretty sure these are supposed to be pulled up... yeah, like that, see, that's so cute. So I'm gonna try it on!
A difficult moment for this channel...
The dress doesn't fit. I am tightly zipped up in this dress so I can barely breathe because of course this is a corset dress, but unfortunately, it's a little too small. I couldn't zip it completely because if I do I can't breathe and my breasts look even flatter than this. The size of this dress is xx... I can't breathe..!
I definitely wouldn't recommend taking your usual size... for this dress... size up ...take something bigger. I think I should have taken a small or x-small... probably small. It's still wearable and it's very pretty... if you unzip it a little bit, but I definitely can't zip it completely otherwise I won't be able to breathe. It's definitely a boobylicious moment in this dress. I think you can still wear it out for a chill evening, especially if you're not planning on eating very much... um, as you can see, there isn't much space there, but apart from that it's a beautiful dress! I love the details, the fact that you can make it like this, the satin is beautiful, the print is beautiful, the colors are beautiful.
Okay so this next piece is something I'm also excited about by Sugar Thrillz. It's a top and it's called the Butterfly Vivien Baby Noir sheer top in blue and the size I have is x-small. Okay, I'm super excited about this top because of the details. It's got butterflies, 3d butterflies, everywhere, all over, and it's mesh. So it's a little bit see-through but it's so pretty. Inside of some of the butterflies you got really cute rainbow details.
Okay I'm super excited about this one! Let's try it!
Next item is by Poster Girl and this one is called Cherry Print Rushed Lingerie set so this is all mesh again. Well, it's way more see-through than expected but it's super pretty. So this is a mesh corset. I think you can do the same as on the dress, like that. It's got a pink cherries print all over. It might not look as see-through as I think once I wear it so I'm gonna have to test it. It comes with a matching bottom which is lined. The same little ribbony details here on each side. So let's try it on.
So here I've got two packages, but it's a set, so I'm gonna open one. This set is by Sugar Thrillz and it's called the Spicy Portrait Mode Lace top and the other one is the skirt. It's a red fabric covered in black mesh and it's got those cute ribbons, ribbon roses in the middle, it's so cute. So this one has more of a sexy vibe, a red wine vibe, so it's pretty cool for Valentine's Day. I got the top in size x-small. Hopefully it fits me and actually the bottom is x-small as well, so that's cool. The skirt is actually super cute. So yeah let's try this!
Ok, so this set is actually surprisingly cute, sexy, perfect for Valentine's night. That's a set that I can definitely wear outside and it's very comfortable, very cute, perfect look for a Valentine's Day dinner. It's way prettier than I thought it would be and the size is actually spot on.
Okay, this has some weight. This is a set, I think the brand is called Forplay and this set is called Instant Click panty and garter set in black and the size is small.
So it's got a lot of pieces, it's a bondage style set. I actually love this piece. I think it's like a belt. A garter and a belt. It's got those really sexy gold buckles. It feels very strong. Each buckle has its own little plastic protection, so that it's nice and shiny and doesn't come with scratches on them. It comes with the this bottom, and it comes with a real zipper at the front, so you can actually open it. Just like that, that's pretty cool, unusual. And on the sides you also have two gold buckles you could actually just completely open your panties... just like that ,that's practical. And the last piece is the top, so the bra. It's so pretty and it's got lots of straps to give this bondage style. Buckles again, side boob buckles and underboob buckles. I'm going to try on to show you exactly what it's supposed to look like.
This set is gorgeous. In love. I wasn't expecting it to look so sexy yet empowering it actually fits me so well you can tighten the straps on the top. The garters are a little loose but I think it's meant to be. You can move around freely in them. That looks really sexy. The belt is very tight but not too tight so it gives you this really nice pronounced waist. It's absolutely gorgeous. I am a fan. I think i'm gonna wear that for Valentine's Day. So yeah, tell me in the comments what you think but I think this one is definitely a win. Better than I expected by a hundred. I love the details, it was a little complicated to put on, especially the top, because of all these little attachments, but once you get the trick I think it'll be easier the next time you wear it. Yeah. So what do you think?
Okay so this next piece is more of a comfy design and as you can see it's rainbow, and I can already tell that I'm gonna love it. It's by Sugar Thrillz again. Angel for Hire Teddy Jacket in size x-small. It's huge! Wow. It's got some texture. It's like a synthetic sheep... sheep fur. It's really cute actually, and it's huge, and rainbow. I love it! It's got two big pockets at the front, it's quite soft and there's a zipper. Good quality. 
So this hoodie is actually more like a coat it's very thick and warm. I can definitely see myself wearing it outside instead of a coat or as a coat. I still love the color and I love the oversized style. So this is XS, wait, let me check, yeah, so this is XS but it's an oversized style so that's really cool. I actually really like this type of coat because you feel warm and it covers most of your body if you're petite like me. So that's definitely a win.
Okay now the piece de resistance. It's a pair of shoes and I'm actually super excited about this. It's by Sugar Thrillz again and the box is super cute. The name is Pixie Queen Lace Up Heels in size 7, my European size is 37 by the way. It comes with a cute holographic wrapping. Wow, these are lavender strappy heels so they've got this fake suede, or something like that, straps covered in butterflies. That's what I was gonna say earlier, it comes with a set of replacement butterflies just in case you damaged a few of them, I guess. They're so pretty. It's a very dreamy pair of shoes. I can't really show you the design like that so I'm gonna have to wear them. I think they will go really well with my butterfly top that you saw earlier.
By the way in case you have a favorite outfit today, let me know in the comments down below, it's always nice to know what you guys like and it's also nice to just communicate between each other and make the comment section more alive!"
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