Silly George LINER BOND - NO GLUE/ NO MAGNETS Eyelashes


A step-by-step review of the new & magic eyelashes creation: The Silly George LINER BOND LASHES System! This is literally a 100x BETTER Than MAGNETIC Lashes. This is a NO GLUE Eyelashes kit that works with an ultra-fine ADHESIVE EYELINER. Continue reading for info, LIMITED OFFER %codes & links: 


Hey! So today I'm going to try a new product by Silly George and it's called the "liner bond". These are the lashes and the eyeliner.

So this liner bond system is supposed to be easier than the magnetic lashes and I'm very excited to try it. Basically, it's supposed to be an eyeliner that is also an adhesive. It's supposed to be replacing the eyelash glue or the magnetic eyeliner.
This liner comes in black and as you can see, the tip of this liner looks very thin. I usually like using very thin brushes similar to the previous "magnetic lash
eyeliner" by Silly George so we'll see if this one can beat it or not.
These are the Girl Friday eyelashes that came with this liner. You also have a little mirror in the box, just like before. I really like this about the Silly George eyelashes.
Wow! So my first impression of this eyeliner is that it's really thin and it's really easy to paint with it so I really like that.
What! This is amazing! I only applied a very thin layer and it sticks like crazy. You can barely see where I placed it. I'm really happy with this.
I'm going to quickly apply some of the Silly George tubing mascara and show you a bit closer.
I honestly never experienced such an easy way to apply lashes. I'm really happy with that.
So, as you can see it's super easy to apply. I love how thin this liner is.
And now I'm going to show you again on this side how easy these lashes attach to the liner.
I'm very happy with the result it was super easy to apply and I think I'm definitely gonna use this type of lashes from now on because I've always had difficulties putting lashes on before. I abandoned the glue lashes a long time ago because it was so messy and I gave a chance to the magnetic lashes and I actually really like the Silly George magnetic lashes. But now that they came out with this liner bond
I'm definitely gonna be using that all the time. So they really made it very simple.
Any simpler than that I don't think there will be. I almost don't feel the lashes right now which is amazing because usually, I feel them so much that it's quite hard to forget that I'm wearing something.
Um these ones are called Girl Friday lashes and I really like this style. It's very natural, very subtle, and... Yeah!
You've got a new fan!



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