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I found your creative process and the work you do behind the scenes very interesting. I'm even prouder now to have one of your works framed and hanging in my living room. (I moved it there a few weeks ago, so I could show it off more.)

Kevin S.
Rainbow Choker Bikini & Swim Skirt - Alternative Swimwear - Rainbow Bikini

Fav bikini of all time 🙌🏻 I loooove Love this bikini! I have to say, as European size M with a bit booty you should take a bigger size but besides that it’s the perfect bikini 💜

Kleos_bubble @Kleos_bubble
Double Tap To Like - Orange Bikini

A beautiful piece. I am so happy with this bikini. It looks amazing and it is so comfortable to wear.

Marion @lemosmarion
Anyixin Opalescent Moon Choker

Very cute and unique choker. Its very lightweight and quite comfortable to wear. Customer service/contact for any questions is great and extremly nice

Meg @megaira310
Anyixin Opalescent Moon Choker

Beautiful! Produced with such care from the product to the packaging! you really feel your wearing something luxurious and unique when buying from Anyixin clothing! Could not recommend them enough ❤️-Beth🌙

Beth L.
MakiTitsTee - Kawaii Graphic Tee

I love how soft the shirt feels and the Daffodil yellow looks great in person!! :)

Maggie Booth
MakiTits Maki Roll - Kawaii Hoodie

Love the colour and the quality! It is sooo cosy!

Maria M.
MakiTitsTee - Kawaii Graphic Tee

Loved it. I got lots of compliments on the shirt! It’s super comfortable

Jessie Leanne @moonkroon88
Fingerkini - Yellow Bralette Thong Bikini

perfect fit! my freaking jam right now. fits perfectly, I have odd proportions lol

Debbi Scarry @psychic.debbi
Elbow Vision - Rainbow Eye Hoodie in Black

Such a great purchase! After seeing the crazy cool and unique fashion Anyixin had to offer, I just knew I'd find something perfect for me. I absolutely LOVE this hoodie! Great quality, great fit, super comfy, and excellent for attracting compliments. 10/10 do recommend!

Sunnshyyne @sunnshyyne_plur
Rainbow Vision - Graphic Tee - Anyixin T-Shirts

Surprisingly Good and Cool! I received this top and I'm really happy with this. I love the colour combination and this big eye This top is just outstanding!

_Awinata_ @awi_scribble